Baby Li by Priscilla Lopes


$89.00 $119.99
SKU: Li-2

MOST ANTICIPATED KIT OF THE YEAR!!!  Baby Li, sculpted by Priscilla Lopes!


Length: 23-23.5 inches

Eyes: 20mm

Limbs: FULL

Cloth Body: INCLUDED

COA: Numbered edition 1

Edition size:1500

This amazing chubby boy, is stunning in detail and realism!

Full price: $119.99

Pictures provided are of the ORIGINAL CLAY sculpt or completed prototypes.   

You are purchasing a BLANK vinyl kit.  These are unassembled, and unpainted vinyl parts.   **please note that it is recommended to use a medium on fingers and toes to avoid ‘pores’ that can be in vinyl from holding paint    Also, any areas on vinyl that are more shiny than others may also need a medium base to give it some grip for the paint.  

KITS WILL BE RELEASED JUNE 20th.   They are currently shipping to dealers. 


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